The app for posting to Bluesky, Mastodon and Nostr

“If you have a simple text (or text-plus-media) post, Nootti is capable”


Key features

Post to Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

Customise Notes for Each Platform or Use a Universal Message

Image and Video Attachments

Works with Bluesky, Mastodon, and Nostr Accounts

Drag-and-Drop Links, Text and Images

Link Previews

Quick Posting via Link to Your Existing Post (Bluesky and Mastodon)

Supports Slide Over and Split View on iPad

Post to X and other platforms directly from the app with Share

Share text content from other apps & Siri with Shortcuts


Nootti introduction in 30 seconds
Main view explained
Share to Nootti from apps, web pages and Siri (with Shortcuts)

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